Nutripot Coco Peat Brick (Low EC) One Unit: Including Shipping


Nutripot Coco Peat Brick is a double washed, low EC,  high absorbing Coco Peat which meets international standards.


Nutripot Coco Peat is double washed , low EC , high absorbing Coco Peat which ensures your plants get best and safest medium to grow.


  • Double washed , EC Less than 1. safe to use in any ratio for medium.
  • Expansion 15 Liters per Kg.
  • Fiber : 5-8%
  • Sand : Less than 5%
  • Any other foreign material : less than 1%
  • Weight : varies between 550-600 Gm.

A2Z Garden Company ensures and provides safe products that meet International standards.

To Use : Place brick in a spacious container, add 3-5 lit water, and use coco Peat after brick breaks. Add more water if required.

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