Nutripot Ferti Tab: Effervescence Fertilizer Tablet (Tube Pack of Five Tablets) : Including Shipping


Nutripot Ferti Tab is highly efficient and convenient form of fertilizer delivery in the form of water soluble effervescence tablet , available in a tube pack of Five tablets.


Nutripot Ferti Tab is Effervescence Fertilizer Tablet, which is convenient , safe and quick way of Fertilizing your garden plants.

First-of-Its-Kind Smart fertilizer

  • Extremely soluble : Dissolves in Three Minutes
  • Quick delivery of Nutrients via leaves
  • Contains right mix of Macro, Micronutrients and pigment enhancing Amino acids.

Nutripot Ferti Tab contains:

  • Plant based Amino acids   : 50%
  • Macro and Micronutrients : 30%
  • Carriers                               :20%
Benefits :
1. Very Convenient : It dissolves in 3-4 minutes and  delivers fertilizer through the leaves.
2. Contains ideal Mix for radiance, Improving greenness. and blossoming.
3. It can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants.
4. Safe, Economical and very efficient. It can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants.
How to use:
Drop One tablet in One Lit  of water, wait for it to dissolve and spray on the leaves every 15-20 days.
Close the Lid of Cap after extracting a tablet.
Each Tube of Ferti Tab contains Five tablets of 4.3 Gm. each.
(Warning : The Product absorbs Moisture quickly. Close the lid tightly after use)
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