Nutripot Succulence 50 Ml : Specialized Fertilizer for Succulents : Including Shipping



Nutripot Succulence is a specialized Organic Fertilizer for Succulents and select ornamental plant species.

It is a Unique combination of Organic Mineral and Growth Factors for Succulents.

Nutripot Succulents is suitable for Cacti, Jade, Aloe , Snake Plant, Aglaonema, Dracena, Syngonium, Lilies, Bamboos and Grasses.


  • Enhances growth & Chlorophyll content in Succulents , Ornamentals and Grasses.
  • Improves water retention , firmness¬† and vigor of Succulents.
  • Stimulates resistance against fungal and bacterial diseases.
  • Builds tolerance to Biotic and Abiotic stress.

How to Use: Mix 3-4 Ml or 1 TSP in 1 lit water.

  • Foliar Application : Spray the mixture on the plant. It can be sprayed on Grass / Turf to improve “bounciness”.
  • Root Application : Irrigate root zone with 100-200 ml based on size of the plant.


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