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Nutripot Ferti Peat 625 Gm (COD is not Available, )

Nutripot Ferti Peat 625 Gm (COD is not Available, )

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Nutripot Ferti Peat is low EC, cleaned,  NPK Fertilized Coco Peat Briquette.

Just Add 3 lit water and get 10 lit ready to use Fertilized Coco peat media.

  • It has been prepared with advanced technology to help Gardeners get Nursery quality plants at Home.
  • Plants/seedlings grow rapidly due to well-balanced nutrition support.
  • Ferti peat can be used for seedling planting or for repotting new plants. The addition of other media is not required.

How to Use: Add 3 lit water to the briquette and wait for it to expand. Drain off the excess water.

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