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Nutripot Floret Granules

Nutripot Floret Granules

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Nutripot Floret Granules is a specialized Granule to induce flowering . Now it is very simple to induce flowering and provide support nutrition with a single product.

Nutripot Floret Granules contains Macro, Micro Nutrients, selective Amino acids, Fulvic acid and flower enhancing factors.


. Specialized easy to use product to induce Flowering.

Provides Nutritional support for continuous flowering.

. Designed to work of wise variety of Plants, Monocots/Dicots/Annuals/Perennials/Seasonal

. Contains Lateral Growth/ Branching Factors to improve flowering

Dosage : 20gm or 3-4 TSP/Flower Pot or Plant

Add to soil, Mix gently into soil and Water

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