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Nutripot Fungi Shield

Nutripot Fungi Shield

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Nutripot Fungi Shield is a broad spectrum repellant of Fungi and Bacteria infecting ornamentals, vegetables or fruit plants. Now you can Get rid of unwanted spots , rots , yellowness on Leaves and fruits of Ornamentals, vegetable and fruit plants.

It is an innovative complex of Copper with Organic acids in liquid formulation, which not only provides control against wide range of Fungi and Bacteria, but also improves Growth of Garden and horticultural plants.

Dosage : 2-3 Ml per lit water. Spray on whole Plant.

It can be used to control Scabs, leaf spots , Blights , Powdery mildew , canker (Leamon) , diseases which cause spots, rots on leaves of Ornamentals, Vegetables and fruits.

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