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Nutripot Granules 400 Gm

Nutripot Granules 400 Gm

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Nutripot Granules is a advanced soil Fertilizer to Condition and fertilize soil of your Garden Plants.

It Contains Amino acids, Humic Growth substances and essential Nutrients.

NUTRIPOT Granules is a specialized, safe, product for delivering nutrition to household plants. It is a versatile, easy-to-use product that can be used on indoor or outdoor plants, backyard vegetable gardens, and turf grasses.

 Nutripot has been developed to fertilize and improve the soil structure of potted plants. The benefits include

1. Improves plant health, vigor, and greenness.

2. It improves the texture, quality, and water holding capacity of the soil.

3. Contains readily consumable, basic nutrients required to fertilize all plants.

4. It can be used on Crotons, creepers, succulents, cacti, ornamentals, and all flowering plants.

5. A specialized formulation with a technologically superior carrier for rapid delivery.

How to Use:  Add Granules to the soil of the flowerpot (near root zone) , Mix gently into soil and Water.

Dose: Half Pouch (of 20 gm) for pot below 10 inch, and 1 pouch(of 20 gm) for pots above 12 inch.

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