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Nutripot Granules 500gm + Hydrogel Tablets 1 Strip

Nutripot Granules 500gm + Hydrogel Tablets 1 Strip

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Nutripot Granules is a advanced soil Fertilizer to Condition and fertilize soil of your Garden Plants. It Contains Amino acids, Humic Growth substances and essential Nutrients.

NUTRIPOT Granules is a specialized, safe, product for delivering nutrition to household plants. It is a versatile, easy-to-use product that can be used on indoor or outdoor plants, backyard vegetable gardens, and turf grasses.

Nutripot Hydrogel Tab is a Specialized product which absorbs water and keeps irrigating the plant while you are on Vacation. It is inserted near the root, and swells in seconds to form a Gel which keeps your Plant hydrated.

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