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Nutripot Hydrogel Tab strip 10 tablets (COD is not Available)

Nutripot Hydrogel Tab strip 10 tablets (COD is not Available)

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Nutripot Hydrogel Tab is a Specialized Organic product which absorbs water and keeps irrigating the plant while you are on Vacation. It is inserted near the root, and swells in seconds to form a Gel which keeps your Plant hydrated. Hydrogel can keep Plant Hydrated for 4-6 days (unshaded-shaded). Life of Hydrogel is 8 months after which it disintegrates. It can also be used to keep soil moist during summer.

Benefits :

  • Keeping plants watered while you are on Vacation , or Transporting plants to distant locations or simply to help your plants grow faster.
  • It is made from natural Bio-Polymer , which disintegrates after 8-10 months.
  • Helps in Locking nutrients , reduces drought stress and improves growth.
  •  How to use :
    • Moisten soil of the Flowerpot.
    • Make a wide hole in the soil, and insert the Tablet.
    • Close the Hole , Water the Pot.
    • Dosage : 1 tablet of 2gm for pot below 10 inch and 1-3 tablets in 12 inch pot or bigger based on size of the Plant.
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