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Nutripot Ornamental

Nutripot Ornamental

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Nutripot ornamental is a unique combination of organic minerals and growth factors for ornamentals and succulents.

Most of ornamentals in our garden are Monocots who generally lack barks / support tissues like Money Plant, Monstera, Philodendron, Dieffenbachia, Bamboos, Palms, lillies, Grasses and so on.  Nutripot ornamental is the only one of a product of its kind which helps in building stem, leaf stalk of such plants.

Benefits :

  • Enhances growth of Monocot ornamentals and succulents.
  • Specialized mineral combination required for growth by these select group of plants.
  • Improves water retention, firmness and vigor of ornamentals and succulents.

How to use:

Mix 3-4 ml in 1 lit water and spray on the leaves.

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