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Nutripot Succulence 50 ml

Nutripot Succulence 50 ml

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Nutripot succulence is a specialized organic fertilizer for succulents and select ornamentals.

It is suitable for cacti, Jade, Aloe, Snake plant, Aglaonema, Dracena, syngonium, Lillies , bamboos, and Grasses.

Nutripot Succulence and  Nutripot Granules is a perfect fertilizer mix for Succulents if used alternately every 15 days. 


    • It enhances growth of Succulents and ornamentals.

    • Improves water retention, firmness  of succulents.

    • Stimulates resistance against bacterial and Fungal diseases.

    • Builds tolerance against biotic and Abiotic stress.

How to use : Mix 3-4 Ml  (3/4th teaspoon) in 1 lit water and spray on leaves.
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